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Previously we listed  the benefits of having e-shop and how to create one, today we will list the benefits of having  your own store on “Facebook”


Benefits of having Facebook store

Benefits of having Facebook store

Why having Facebook store is very essential for your sales rate now a days ?

According to statistical reports “Facebook” became in the third place after china and India in population rate  with 1.15 billion users, while -according to ministry of communication reports- there were 16 million use Facebook at the end of 2013 which means Facebook has became new world full of chances for any shop owner.

When you own store on Facebook you are in the right way to take advantages of the biggest ads community in the world, cheapest, and  the most determined.  By using Facebook ads you determine to whom your ads will reach correctly.

Through owning Facebook store you will be able to communicant and interact with your clients in a different way, more  intimate and of course more social     


What makes selling your products through Facebook store is different from selling through  Facebook page ?

through Facebook pages  you can represent  your products and interact with your audience but that’s not enough to call this transaction an e-commerce, e-commerce is something different, through Facebook store you will able to  represent, interact and receive purchasing  orders 24 hours .

 Now! How could you create and start selling through Facebook store now?

Having Facebook store and starting that unique experience is too easy now, all you have to do is to  create new store on yallanshop and you will win another on Facebook automatically.


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