Let your customers email their friends with products and let them spread your products for you.

 Add To Compare:

let your customers compare products and choose what best fits their needs.

 Like Button:

customers can like their favorite products and you obtain figures about the most and least liked products

 Social Feed:

Know how many times certain product has been viewed by customers and their friends, and how many times it has been purchased, or added to the Wish list and how many times the store itself has been viewed

 Sharing Toolbar:

Let your customers share their favorite products with their friends on many different social media networks and you GO VIRAL.


Facebook Application:

Social media is the next wave of marketing and our Social Commerce tools simplify selling your items directly from Facebook with our Facebook Store.


Ease your customers life and let them reach you on their mobiles, laptops or tablets .

Price Alert:

meet your customers’ needs based on their budget they set and notify them by the latest offers


Reward your customers for helping you grow through loyalty program that is implemented in the store.

 Sales Motivator:

Sales Motivator helps you drive more sales through your customers’ social networks.We provide an extension that allows you to incentivize your customers to refer your online store to their friends.

 Easy Inventory Management:

You can fully manage your product image, size, specifications and price, You can also track the availability of your product, what is in stock and what is out of your stock.

Product Catalog:

Create and design a comprehensive informative catalog that includes a full description of your products name, number, specification, price and the complementary product for each one.

Add And Manage Your Products:

With YNS you can quickly add products to your store with size, colour, price, weight, stock level and images. Products images are essential to your success and it’s easy to add beautiful image galleries using YNS with auto zoom and enlargement options. Then you can organize your own products by category so your customers can easily find their needs.





Easily perform manual Backups and Restorations of your store database in the Dashboard. We recommend maintaining your own regular backups, so you can recover your website in case of emergencies. Automatic backups are run automatically every few days for the whole store.


YNS give you an added value to own a website along with your facebook store, following your own branding guidelines, where it will help in reaching more target.

Premium Domain name:

YNS makes it easy to create and register a domain name for your new website. You can buy a new domain with YNS, use an existing domain, or use your free (your store domain.

 Payment gateway:

With your YNS online store you can either accept payments directly or integrate with numerous payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world.


you don’t have to worry about losing your store’s important data because Your store and website data is secure with YNS, which includes data backups, just in case you delete or overwrite any file that you might need to restore