Let your customers email their friends with products and let them spread your products for you.
Add To Compare:

let your customers compare products and choose what best fits their needs.
Like Button:

customers can like their favorite products and you obtain figures about the most and least liked products
Social Feed:

Know how many times certain product has been viewed by customers and their friends, and how many times it has been purchased, or added to the Wish list and how many times the store itself has been viewed
Sharing Toolbar:

Let your customers share their favorite products with their friends on many different social media networks and you GO VIRAL.
Abandoned Cart Reminder:

Remind your customers about their products in their shopping cart in case they didn’t make a purchase.
After Purchase Review Invitation:

Keep your customers satisfied and obtain their feedback after they made purchases
Customer Follow Up Email:

Four kinds of e-mail alerts available in order to stay in touch with your customers
1. Abandoned Cart

For each abandoned cart (with no order), generate a discount and send it to the customer
2. Re-order (Order bonus)

For each validated order (with total over X), generate a discount and send it to the customer. (for today order)
3. Orders Threshold

For each customer that has orders total over an threshold, generate discount. (this operation is done every time when customer has orders total over threshold)
4. Bad Customers

For each customer who has already passed at least one order and with no orders since a given duration, generate a discount and send it to the customer.

Social sharing:

Your YNS website (e-store) includes social network integration, allowing your customers to spread the word and easily share the great products they found on your online store on the social media networks such as on facebook, twitter, pinterest and so forth..
Youtube Videos:

You can add youtube videos to your product pages when building your store with YNS which are statistically known to increase your sales.
Recommendation Engine:

Automatically suggest a complementary product or service that matches an item your customer is looking for or purchased. This will help you kill two birds with one stone and boost your sales.
Coupons system and gift vouchers:

Reward your loyal customers and give them coupons to enjoy spending on more of your products.
Mail shot tool:

send email shots to your customers informing them about any new promotion or share with them special event.
Reward points:

Reward your customers every time they buy from you by giving them points to use later.
Add to cart:

Ease your customer’s life by giving them a cart to shop with, and you obtain data about the most shopped products.
Add to wish list:

Give your customers the space to wish for what they want and share it with their peers and you obtain figures about the most wished products and promote them.
Built-In SEO system:

increase your visibility and reach on search engines by setting certain keywords that customers might use to reach you.
Google Talk:

stay close to your customers and communicate live with your customers whenever they need you.
VIP customers:

categorize your VIP customers, and create special promotional offers for them separately.

Let your customers express their feeling towards certain products, and you know how happy your clients are with your products.

Let your customers rate your products and you obtain statistics and figures about highest and lowest rated products.